Statement of Purpose

The Tennessee Association for Institutional Research (TENNAIR) serves professionals in post-secondary education institutions and agencies whose interests include management research, policy analysis, and planning.  The major purpose of TENNAIR is to:

  1. Foster cooperation among professionals in institutional research in Tennessee
  2. Disseminate information and ideas about methods, processes, and problems of common interest, and
  3. Support the professional development of individuals engaged in institutional research

TENNAIR’s Annual Conference is an opportunity for current and aspiring institutional research professionals, scholars, and students to showcase innovative research and ideas pertaining to the field of institutional research or to Tennessee’s current postsecondary context and landscape. Over the past several years, conference attendance has ranged from approximately 80 to 100 attendees representing various institutions and agencies from all regions of the state.

Click for more conference information: TENNAIR’s Annual Conference 2022


TENNAIR Registration  

Hello, TENNAIR colleagues!  The Conference, new membership, and membership renewal registration for 2022-2023  is available here.

Sponsorship Information

Becoming a corporate sponsor provides you the opportunity to meet our conference attendees and promote your services to a targeted audience. We would love the opportunity to partner with you for the 2022 TENNAIR Conference.

Sponsor TENNAIR at www.TENNAIR.org/sponsorship-information